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Indoor and outdoor groups

We open up to more volunteers to get the daily, necessary work going around. Such is the situation at EKT now, we are totally dependent on volunteer labor and support to cope. All riding school students on regular courses should have received e-mail with information and explanation about the situation. Contact if you haven't received an email.

Through an organized program for groups of voluntary workers, we are able to follow the infection prevention measures. We have divided the work areas into indoor and outdoor work. Volunteers are set up in regular groups at regular times. In this way, we can optimize the performance and services of those who want to get in touch with and contribute to the operation of EKT through the Corona crisis. Everyone is informed about general infection control rules, as well as EKT's detailed rules on site.

Read about our indoor and outdoor groups and see what is right for you.
In order for us to list you, you must send us the following information by mail.

- Full name of parent / guardian and telephone number
- Full name and age of the student who is an ECT student
- Day, time and level of the course
- How many of you want to come and work (number of adults and children)
- Whether the adult who follows children is an equestrian (ride) rider (describe your level and experience with horses)
- Write whether you want to join an in-group or outside group, or both. Remember to read the criteria!
- A description of competence that can be useful for outdoor projects for outdoor groups (if applicable)
- Day and time you can come and work voluntarily (see overview in the text below)

NOTE: Due to technical error in contact form, this had to be removed. We therefore ask you who submitted the contact form that was on this page on Sunday, April 26, to send an e-mail with answers to the above points. We apologize for the inconvenience!

We will contact you for confirmation of your location request.

Indoor groups: stable guard with care and exercise of horses

To be able to contribute as a stable caretaker, you must meet certain criteria. This is necessary for safety, efficiency and quality of work. Stable guards are for those who have course space but cannot get ridden due to the Corona crisis.

Criteria for stable guards

In order to be part of a guard team you must be a paying course student at EKT Riding School. If you are going to be alone, you must be over 16 years old, ride a training course or higher and accept that EKT assesses your ability to handle horses alone. Parents with children under 16 must get along with the children. Parents / guardians must also contribute to the stable work even if you do not ride.

Each guard team consists of four people. The work is carried out on the morning between noon. 9-13 or in the afternoon between 13 and 19.30. 18.30-13 on weekdays, on weekends until 3:4. In the afternoon you have to arrive as soon as possible after 1, but here is the flexible MTP on when school and work is done. The work takes 2-6 hours and consists of physically demanding tasks. You must be able to commit to a fixed day and time 8-19 times a week every other week. The working period is XNUMX-XNUMX weeks with start-up in week XNUMX. We set up four new guard teams to roll with existing guard teams.

Here are the days and times you can choose from:
Tuesday at 9-13 or between 13-19.30
Wednesday at 9-13 or between 13-19.30
Thursday at 9-13 or between 13-19.30
Friday at 9-13 or between 13-19.30
Saturday at 9-13 or between 13-18.30
Sunday at 9-13 or between 13-18.30

You have to be prepared to use your body and get dusty and dirty.

Students under the age of 16 should ride with an adult in the guard team, or be hired by an adult if they are not used to riding alone.


To-do list for a guard team

1. Responsibility for making 12 boxes
2. Horseback riding
3. Polishing equipment
4. Horseback Riding (Skating and Climbing)
5. Other horse exercise
6. General order and incidental work


Everyone new is trained in the work to be done. Training is provided in mucking, polishing, sealing, cleaning of equipment, rules for riding and in general about order and routines on the stable.

outdoor group; care, maintenance and repair

Outdoor groups consist of four people in each group. We are setting up four new groups. All work will be done outdoors. The group can choose a fixed day and time or sign up for advertised day-care projects that are set up in advance.


You must be prepared for varied tasks in the EKT outdoor areas. There is no requirement that you are already a customer of EKT Riding School.

Children under 16 must accompany adult / guardian. The groups must work a minimum of 2 hours each time at fixed / agreed times.

The outdoor groups are suitable for anyone who is practically landscaped and likes to be outside. Parents with school-age children can come and work together. The exercises are suitable for physically active adults of all ages!


The tasks will be assigned continuously and can be adapted to the people in the groups. The work consists of light physical work in our environment. We provide equipment and training where necessary.

Some tasks are best suited for day-to-day projects that are planned and set up in advance. These may require special expertise and equipment.

Riding trips will be set up on a continuous basis that volunteers from the outdoor groups can sign up for. The tours will be divided into different levels and led by an ECT person.

Rules for everyone staying at EKT

Important information about infection control and activities with horses

EKT complies with NRYF's Koronavett rules for exercise and horse care.