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The zoo is open every Saturday, Sunday and full day from 11am to 15pm!

Welcome back to the Zoo!

We have made arrangements so that you can greet all the animals and stay safe with us without being exposed to infection. Please respect the signage and information.

Remember frequent hand washing and 1 meter distance to others.

The animals are spread out on the site, most of them are in enclosures you can walk into.

Remember 10 min with each animal per family group if it gets crowded!

We allow a maximum of 50 people for one hour at a time. When we ring the bell, our stay is over.
Meet up in the yard by the big stone in the yard so the next group can drop in.

Entrance every full hour - 11, 12, 13 and 14.Pools of max 50 pcs.
Kr 80, - per pers. Children under 2 years free. Payment with Vipps and cards.

The experience in the Animal Park is characterized by the current infection control measures.
Unfortunately, we cannot offer lap riding for the time being.
Thank you for your understanding!

Would you like to ride?

Saturday, May 23 we set up individual riding lessons for beginners and practiced!
> Open hours at 15 pm and Open hours Plus at 16 pm.
Open hours are for beginners of all ages. Note that everyone must bring an adult to rent the horse.
Open Hour Plus is for experienced riders who master the horse all alone in all walks and on the box.
Read more about the individual riding lessons here.

Single-hour lessons are for everyone! Binding registration in advance via our registration form or call 22199786,

This has happened while we have been closed due to the Corona crisis

The goats have grown up and love to jump, run and enjoy themselves.

We have received over 10 lambs in the last couple of weeks! Some of the lambs are so small that they have to have peace with their mother, but most of them are big enough to be outside. They are so kind and sweet.

The chickens have grown so large that they have moved out into the hen house together with the large flock of chickens. But we have to protect them from the fox, so they're still in a chicken coop.

Otherwise, the peacock Anton is at his best! He showers with the feathers and the peacocks constantly lay eggs. Maybe it could be a peacock chicken this year?

We also got two small calves! They are currently indoors because they come straight from the farm of the farmer where they were born and must gradually get used to the bustling life of the Animal Park.