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Dear regular course students and their guardians,

Both the riding school and the animal park are unfortunately still closed for the time being. EKT regrets the situation for all regular course students who now have a stay of an uncertain number of course hours.

We must adhere to the current guidelines on infection prevention from the Directorate of Health, the Government and the Norwegian Sports Association. Delay in all income as of March 12 has led to a critical financial situation for EKT. We have large running costs even though both the riding school and the zoo are closed. There are 36 horses and approx. 70 other livestock to be fed and groomed. All our regular employees were laid off immediately, but thanks to the funds we have been given, we were able to take back some employees in reduced positions to run the animal husbandry properly with the right expertise. Large parts of the horse breeding, exercise and care are carried out by voluntary labor.

We have worked to find a solution to offer riding in small groups of four students plus riding lessons. Our challenge is finances, and the opportunity to pay equestrian teachers and extra staff on stables that need to stock horses, wash over reins, straps, stirrups and all contact surfaces between each group.

Unfortunately, we have come to the conclusion that we do not have the finances to offer a riding offer in groups of four students. Just with the riding lessons indoors, this would become 57 groups of riding to run in a week. Then equestrian physiotherapy is not counted, nor is the pony course. Beginners with tenants and therapists with tenants also cannot get an offer because of. infection control rules. See annex with the Norwegian Equestrian Association's Corona Law rules which we are obliged to follow.

We hope to be able to offer a compensation package to everyone with prepaid riding lessons. The conditions ahead are just as uncertain and uncertain for us as for you. The idea is to distribute this at the end of June and the beginning of August. This is still uncertain, but we are working on the matter. We ask that you understand that unfortunately already sold riding course and riding physiotherapy are not refundable. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

Since March 14, we have had four regular groups of volunteers who have rolled to clean with horses and pets, as well as grooming and exercising horses. We are now planning new guard teams with new groups. Due to the infection control rules, there may not be too many people in the stables at the same time or during the same day. It is now possible to register as a volunteer member of EKT. > Read the criteria here

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