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Course Information


One hour is 30 min. horseback riding, plus 15 min. for boarding and boarding, a total of 45 min.

Approval of physician referral

New physician referral to therapy riding must be obtained by everyone before starting our 2020.
Referral delivered for spring will also apply to fall semester 2020. If referral is not obtained within the first riding time, the hourly rate will be higher, similar to what the referral would otherwise cover.

New therapy liver: Send original physician referral by mail to EKT Riding School, PB 12 Bekkelagshøgda, 1109 Oslo, well before the course start for approval. The physician referral must be approved by a physiotherapist at EKT Rideskole prior to start-up.

Students who continue from autumn 2019: New doctor's referral can be included with our 1.ridetime 2020.

taxi Requisition

Taxi requisition can be ordered from the physiotherapist v / EKT via the office. From the fall of 2019, an administration fee of NOK 250 must be paid for the semester. You are ticked off if you need taxi requisitions for spring 2020 on the resume / end tags.

Written order to EKT by mail with student name, day and time of riding time, escort with, wheelchair or not.


EKT provides rents for the horse Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday hours. We do what we can to mobilize enough tenants. The attendant of the student must be able to rent even in the absence of tenants. When the student needs support to sit, the attendant must do so.

The student must bring their own rents for the horse morning hours on Thursday. (EKT cannot stand with tenants). NB. All tenants must be able to run with the horse in trot!

EKT can hire tenants for the horse from the riding school. We do what we can to mobilize enough regular renters, but the student must gladly rent even if electricity is desired. if needed.

Helmet and equipments for equestrian physiotherapy

Approved riding helmet is required. The riding school has loaned helmets, but we recommend to purchase your own helmet eventually due to hygiene and proper fit. Otherwise, read the Equipment and Riding Clothing button.