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Horseback riding at EKT

Attention: The information on this page may be incomplete due to the Corona crisis and the imposed infectious measures. > Read the current conditions for all fixed riding courses here.

Horse riding course indoors

Horseback riding indoors take place every day throughout the year Monday to Friday. The ECT riding course goes over 2 semesters as a regular school year. All riding lessons include 15 min for adjusting equipment, getting to know the horse and putting on and off. Dressage exercises are common in all our courses. Follow the button for entry on the waiting list or call us if you want to ride with us.

Horse riding course, dressage

Age: from age 8
Duration: 45 min

Dressage is the basis for all types of riding and great emphasis is placed on balance and sitting position. All beginners have 1-2 vacations without a saddle.
Our riding courses are divided into Beginner 1,2,3,4, Easy practice 1,2,3, Practice 1 and 2 and Advanced.

Jumping Course

Age: from age 13
Duration: 60 min. incl. construction of obstacles. Every other time ran / cavalettes and dressage / boom work.

Emphasis is placed on technique, balance and sensitivity over obstacles, not height. Dressage lessons emphasize improving the seat, balance and sensitivity that will improve the jumping technique and you as a rider.

Security and responsibility

We encourage everyone to read through> Security and responsibility

Pony course outdoors w / rents.

Age: 5-10 years (grouped by age 5-7 and 8-10)
Duration: 45 min (incl. Clear horse with head and neck ring).

The teaching will vary between horse riding, track riding and theory teaching / horse care. Spring courses run from the end of March / April to mid-June. Autumn courses start after the school holidays in August and go approx. out October month.

General information

  • Fixed riding courses are divided into autumn and spring semesters.
  • Fixed courses follow the school holidays and holidays.
  • Riding courses run normally during the fall and winter holidays, with the exception of the therapy courses and outdoor pony riding courses, which have stays in week 40 and week 8.
  • All riding lessons include my 15 getting to know the horse, putting on and off and adjusting equipment.
  • Upper weight limit on rider 80 kg for the horse material.
  • We have no direct registration. Submit a waiting list form, we will contact you when we have a vacancy on the course.

Easy Lessons

We have single-hour lessons on weekends, or private lessons by appointment, for all levels. Instruction on track or horseback riding in the terrain.

Pony I Jumped Out

Summer riding camp 2020

Weeks 26 and 33. Day camp at EKT with horse and riding!

Enrollment in one-hour lessons

Submit a request for space or call us at 22199786. You do not have room until you have received a confirmation from us.