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Horseback riding at EKT

Horse riding course indoors

Horseback riding indoors take place every day throughout the year Monday to Friday. The ECT riding course goes over 2 semesters as a regular school year. All riding lessons include 15 min for adjusting equipment, getting to know the horse and putting on and off. Dressage exercises are common in all our courses. Follow the button for entry on the waiting list or call us if you want to ride with us.

Horse riding course, dressage

Age: from age 8
Duration: 60 min

Dressage is the basis for all types of riding and great emphasis is placed on balance and sitting position. All beginners have 1-2 vacations without a saddle.
Our riding course is divided into Beginner 1, Beginner 2, Lightly Practiced 1, Lightly Practiced 2, Practiced and Advanced.


Age: from age 10
Duration: 60 min

Cavalry course is the basic course before the jump course. Cavalets are 20 cm above ground. The students practice beat, rhythm and technique over the cavalry.

Jumping Course

Age: from age 13
Duration: 75 min including construction of obstacles. Every other time dressage and jumped.

Emphasis is placed on technique, balance and sensitivity over obstacles, not height. Dressage lessons emphasize improving the seat, balance and sensitivity that will improve the jumping technique and you as a rider.
Students from other riding schools must attend a dressage or cavalry course at the riding school before the jumping course.

> Security and responsibility

Pony course outdoors w / rents.

Age: 5-10 years (grouped by age 5-7 and 8-10)
Duration: 45 min (incl. Clear horse with head and neck ring).

The teaching will vary between horse riding, track riding and theory teaching / horse care. Spring courses run from the end of March / April to mid-June. Autumn courses start after the school holidays in August and go approx. out October month.

General information

  • Fixed riding courses are divided into autumn and spring semesters.
  • Fixed courses follow the school holidays and holidays.
  • Riding courses run normally during the fall and winter holidays, with the exception of the therapy courses and outdoor pony riding courses, which have stays in week 40 and week 8.
  • All riding lessons include my 15 getting to know the horse, putting on and off and adjusting equipment.
  • Upper weight limit on rider 80 kg for the horse material.
  • We have no direct registration. Submit a waiting list form, we will contact you when we have a vacancy on the course.

Easy Lessons

We have single-hour lessons on weekends, or private lessons by appointment, for all levels. Instruction on track or horseback riding in the terrain.

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Enrollment in one-hour lessons

Submit a request for space or call us at 22199786. You do not have room until you have received a confirmation from us.

Special Courses

summer Riding camps

Summer riding camp 2020

Week 26: Monday 22. – Sunday 28. June
Week 33: Monday 10. – Sunday 16. August

Time: Mon-Fri. at 09.00-15.00
Price: Kr. 3800, -
Number of students: Max. 20 students. Two groups of 10 students.
(Tutors will distribute as far as possible by skill level).
Age: Children 8 -16 years
Skill (minimum): Must be able to master steps and trot without rents. Gallop must be practiced without rents.

Course Content

Two sessions per day of horseback riding for instruction on the track, horseback riding under the guidance of riding instructors or other horse riding activities (eg longering). Theory teaching in the stable and in the teaching room. NB: Food and drink for lunch break must be brought.

Attendance first day at. 08.45 in the registration room for registration.
Parents are invited to a presentation and easy catering in the warm room on Friday at. 13.00

> Summer riding course follows EKT's teaching principles
> Safety and responsibility in riding and handling animals


Continuous message on tel. 22 19 97 86 (Mon-Fri 11-16) or by mail. The notice will be binding 14 days before the start of the course.

Welcome to content-rich summer weeks!

Summer equestrian camp provides many great experiences with horses, horse riding and other equestrian horses interested in a safe environment.

There will be morning gymnastics, where tension and strength are exercised on the ground. Fall of the horse will be trained during the riding camp.

Pony I Jumped Out

Winter riding course dec. 2019 and Jan 2020

When the therapy riding has stayed, we set up a single, short riding course in the period December / January. All the riding school horses are available.

Age: 5-14 years, everyone must bring their own rents.
Since: Wednesday 4.des 2019 - 29.jan 2020
Duration: 7 times à 45 min. (30 min teaching + 15 min on and off).
Date and time:
Wednesdays at 17.00-17.45 (5-8 years), 17.45-18.30 (7-10 years) and 18.30-19.15 (8-12 years).
Course Price: $ 10, -
10 students per hour.


Message on telephone 22199786, selection 1, Mon-Fri at 10-14. Notification on email.
Inquiry by mail only applies as a registration when you have received a reply from EKT with confirmation of space or not.

Hours are recommended for pony course students who have stays until spring, pony course students who wish to transition to indoor riding courses, or for new students who are on a waiting list.

The course is also open to larger children and youth. Beginners must bring an adult renter themselves.

There is no level breakdown on winter courses. We reserve the option of adjusting the groups in favor of smoother riding skills.

These are individual courses, and there are no courses to continue.

Mounted Games
Max 10 students, minimum 6 students for our course.
Price: kr: 2370, - (kr: 395, - per time per student)

We currently have no courses in Mounted Games set up.
Registration is by telephone to EKT's office Mon-Fri 11-16
Tel 22199786. Or on E-mail

Course Content

During the course, participants will be trained on selected exercises one by one, accompanied by renter as needed. Gradually, teams will form and team riders will be able to do coordinated exercises. The course includes the use of equipment specifically for the Mounted Games. We use EKT's horses. The rider poses in regular riding gear. Low riding shoes are recommended over riding boots.

Who can sign up?

You must be able to master the horse in all gaits inside the track. Those who do not master the horse in anything but steps and trot, must bring their own rents for the course, which should be an adult.


Isalill Sørgård, Mounted Games coach from EKT

voltige Classes
Voltige is gymnastics for horses that go longe in trot and canter. You must be a trained rider on horseback and trained in turn or ballet. Strength, agility, balance and coordination are quite demanding.

Voltigør: Mensendieck Physiotherapist and Riding Teacher Sissel T. Falch

It is trained without a helmet in voltaic.

Maximum number of students: 6 pcs.

Price: kr: 1600, - incl. 5 hours of teaching and participation at the summer show

Time: 14.00-15.00

Age down: 10 / 11 years



EKT v / Sissel must have 1-2 parents who assist each training session. Standing horse should be kept and we need help getting riders up on horseback.

Course Content

The Voltigis course is a study of gymnastics on horseback to music. The hour is varied and consists of turning (stretching and strength exercises) on the ground, on standing horse and on moving horse. The horse goes in longe and the students learn the exercises on horseback in steps, trot and canter. In voltaic, you learn to ride horses which is a unique opportunity to train balance, rhythm and movement combined in gymnastic exercises. And most importantly - it's fun!

The class is led by riding instructor and Mensendieck physiotherapist Sissel Thorson Falch.

The course focuses on practicing agility and coordination which means that all students should learn to turn wheels and stand on their heads. We don't expect you to do this when you begin. The pupil will work up the riding feeling by mastering balance and rhythm to the horse.

The Voltige students also prepare for the Christmas show that EKT always organizes in December, where Voltige is a regular feature.

The course is organized according to the requirements and standards Volta has as a professional branch. That is, the exercises are taught systematically according to what the students master, first on the ground, then on a horse standing still and finally moving. We also do this to ensure the quality of workmanship and the safety of the students.

> What are volts on a professional level? (Wikipedia)

Necessary equipment / clothing

Running shoes and / or running socks. Clothes suitable for great mobility, but dress for the outside temperature. The equestrian hall is not heated. Feel free to dress layer by layer as the workout warms you up.

Course in horseback riding
EKT Riding School offers riding time Fridays at. 16.00-16.45 with riding instructor and physiotherapist Sissel T. Falch. For those who want to learn how to ride without a headlamp and saddle, only by neck ring.

As a student, you must have some riding experience from before. You must be able to control the horse in trot and canter. You have to be physically fit. You must also have participated in a minimum of 40 hours of riding lessons.

Age limit down: 10 years.

Maximum number of students: 6 pcs.

Time range: 25.08.17 - 26.01.18. Ie follows the term for indoor riding lessons.

Price: kr: 290, - pr. t.

Horse care course autumn 2019

Course Content

Horse care courses are suitable for both beginners and those who are on a waiting list for pony courses, or have taken pony courses. Horse care courses can be taken by anyone who wants to learn basic horse care.

It teaches care and care, the horse's psyche and physics, about feeding, putting on saddles, head layers and general handling of horses. There is no riding on the course except in the last hour. The participants will then train for lay-up and dismissal. In connection with this there will be some riding.

NB: Teaching on horse care courses takes place without a guardian present. Parents can wait in the warm room right next to the classroom.

Recommended age: 6-13 years

Monday 4.nov. - 2.des. 2019, 5 hours, 17.00 and 18.00
Tuesday 5.nov. - 3.des. 2019, 5 hours, at 17.00
Duration: 60 min.
Course Price: Kr. 1100, -


Ongoing registration
We accept registrations on tel. 22199786 (key 1) weekdays at 10-16.
Registration via mail to EKT.
NB Inquiry by mail does not count as registration until the place has been confirmed back.