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Mensendieck Physiotherapy is an active exercise therapy in which soft tissue therapy and relaxation are integrated. The exercises are always individually tailored and promote muscular balance.

Mensendieck Physiotherapy is also a preventive method as you learn what you can do to prevent ailments in muscle- and skeletal system.

> The value of mensendieck in the physiotherapy education

Mensendieck is a treatment method developed by Bess Mensendieck. She was concerned with the daily movements of the body and the influence of the surroundings on the body and mind. Doctor Bess Mensendieck developed his own gymnastics and treatment system in the years 1913-1914.

Following the mensendieck method, the patient is given treatment for his / her symptoms / ailments based on an analysis of possible causal relationships. In most cases, this is crucial for the treatment to have a lasting effect. The goal of treatment is to reduce pain and improve function level by consciously changing the load and movement pattern.

To achieve this goal, the patient is given insight into the physical causal, as well as physical and social factors, and how these conditions influence posture and thus body load.


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