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Training with physical therapists in small groups

We offer training in small groups led by a Mensendieck physiotherapist. > What is Mensendieck Physiotherapy?

The training and treatment are preventative and conscious in order to achieve appropriate use of the body's muscle groups. EKT has its own cozy treatment room where the training will take place.

Horse back school

The training takes place one on one with a physiotherapist. The horse's movements provide quick and effective activation of all muscle groups around the spine and is a good attitude corrective measure.

Welcome to Open House to meet the physiotherapists at EKT

Open house Monday 24th - Friday 28th February at 12-14.

Introductory offer with tastebuds from the training offering. Our physiotherapists will be there to answer questions.

Other meeting times can be arranged by phone 22199786 (office key 1)

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