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EKT Riding School and Animal Park

EKT is both a riding school and a visitation farm, located on Ekebergsletta, a green oasis 10 minutes from downtown Oslo. The riding school was started in the Virgin Road in 1954 by Edvin Kjell Thorson (hence EKT), who was also the man behind the philosophy of the place; that horses and animals should benefit the people of the city.

This is what EKT supplies today:

  • Experience with free-range animals for families with children
  • Riding lessons for children and youth
  • Equestrian therapy for the physically and mentally disabled
  • Driving or sleigh rides in Ekebergparken
  • Rehabilitation from the NAV, the Prison Service and the Outdoor Section, etc.
  • Experiences for groups from schools and kindergartens
  • Teaching school classes; alternative learning arena
  • Celebration of birthdays, anniversaries and events


General challenges for the operation according to the party agreement

The agreement with the municipality of Oslo (excerpt)


  • Parties should not have a business purpose for financial gain. All revenue parties have on the property shall be returned to the operation of the facility on the property and not disposed of by anyone other than the parties.
  • Commercial property is not to be operated on the property where the purpose is financial gain that can be paid to owners or others. Any surplus of the business shall be attributed to the operation of facilities on the property.
Loss of past goods
  • Horse pasture at Skullerud
Uncertainty regarding framework conditions
  • Access road and parking for visitors and HC
  • Cultural Heritage Management Office; ancient monuments and great pastures
Dry summer doubles feed expenses
Merkost. forage last five months. in 2018 compared to the equivalent in 2017 171 312,06
Additional costs for roughage throughout 2018 compared to 2017 270 912,38