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ride Conventions

Here you will find an overview of riding school competitions and other competitions attended by students at the riding school.

Qualifying event FERD Cup Sunday 5th Jan 2020

The FERD Cup qualifying event was held at EKT the first weekend in January. 1st place for Emilie Vatle, 2nd place for Ingrid Karlson, 3rd place for Kaja Tømmervik and 4th place for Elina Kantanen. Still uncertain how many will advance to the next event in Tanum Equestrian Center on January 19th. Join in cheering the ECT riders!

Thanks to everyone who helped out at the convention and to all the great riders!

ERK jumping event with school horse class 8.sept 2019

Ekeberg Riding Club's jumping event with school horse class

See pictures from the convention here!

The view 8. September 2019 (the dirt track) The school horse class is open to jumping students at EKT Riding School.

Preparations and equipment

The horse should be braided, put on white sabrack and it should be brushed properly. Gloves on hands, clean clothes, riding boots, possibly stiff leg caps and riding shoes, safety vest up to 16 years, approved riding helmet, riding jacket or the like. shirt, riding pants. All horses should have a nose band and bite. Ask Vivian for help finding the right equipment. Jumping whip can be used in agreement with Vivian. Other aids are not allowed (spores, dressage whips, etc.)


  1. Elina Juvet Kantanen - Snow White
  2. Emilie A. Vatle - Angelina
  3. Charlotte Johansen - Orla
  4. Ronja Olsson - Wilma
  5. Hanna Knoph - Wizard
  6. Sofia Patakos - Silver
  7. Lilja Sundstrøm Romsøe - Kaja
  8. Natalia Orante Represa - Bronita
  9. Millie Maltau - Montana
  10. Oda H. Normann - Runa
  11. Ingrid Karlson - Wizard
  12. Kaja Tømmervik - Silver
  13. Tuva Morning Trails - Lenny
  14. Erle Brager Stene - Kaja
  15. Kristine F. Olsen - Bronita
  16. Anna Erdelyi - Montana
  17. Hanna Holmeide - Runa (possibly Orla)

Assistants and responsibilities

Ronja Olsson - Responsible for the white shaker being picked up in 2, etc. Brushed and laid back correctly Tuva Morgenstierne and Millie Maltau are responsible for everyone taking the drafts in the boxes for the horse to ride. Sofia Patakos makes sure no horses have knit in one when the rally is over. Ida Lahn and Lilja S. Romsøe ensure that all equipment hangs correctly and that the stables are cleared. Everyone helps! Regards. Riding school principal Vivian Pedersen Nilsen

Kaja and Wizard warm up

Equestrian riding dressage for all riding school students, 15.-16.juni 2019

Everyone on EKT courses from all levels can participate!

Saturday 15. and Sunday 16. June 2019

  • Only one class per student if many enrolled.
  • Deadline: Thursday 6. June!

Continuous registration up to the deadline - “first person to the mill” Registration takes place on the bulletin board in the stables, not pr. email! Write clearly!

  • Riding times will be published on our website and on the bulletin board in the stables.
  • The event will take place in the riding house this morning.
  • You need to know the program you are going to ride outside. Someone is not allowed to guide you during the program. Those who have tenants in LD can get help along the way by the person who rents the horse.
  • Starting fee SEK 250 per person. Payable before start at the ticket booth and receipt is shown to the heating manager.
  • In consultation with the riding instructor you will find out which class you are suitable to attend. Adults can also participate.
  • Participating student may bring two people who do not pay entrance. Others must pay entrance fee NOK: 60, -

You can choose from the following classes:

Saturday 15. June:

  • LD: SPECIAL 2017, premium for everyone
  • FH class: Therapy riders, premium for everyone

Sunday 16.juni:

  • LC: 2 NRYF 2017 / 19, premium for one quarter
  • LB: 1 NRYF 2017 / 19, premium for one quarter

Which class can you attend?


Everyone can participate! You must bring a person who can rent your horse if needed. This class is suitable for those who are riding pony courses, beginner courses and easily practiced levels. If you ride without a hall on your riding course, you must also ride without a hall on the convention. The same applies if you do not ride with stirrups on your course in the riding school. Then you ride without stirrups on the convention as well.


Own class for therapy riders, Maria Selvaag asks which program is right for you


You must be able to pose and bend the horse on curved tracks, keep it in the right gait and ride the horse to the bridle. This class is suitable for those who ride lightly practiced 3, cavalry, leaps and higher.


Participants must master the requirements set for LC. In addition, you must be able to ride the horse to the bridle with a concession in the neck. This class is suitable for those who are practicing on an advanced level and a jump course.

The dressage programs LC and LB can be found here:

You can get the dressage program LD by your riding instructor or download pdf here LD Special VPN updated 6 sept 2017 VPN

Regards. Riding school principal Vivian Pedersen Nilsen

A lot of help is needed from parents and guardians to the convention. Sign up via EKT's Parent Group on Facebook.

Equestrian Cup 26.mai 2019, Alna Equestrian Center

Sunday 26.mai is riding school cup again

From EKT Riding School, Oda Normann, Elina Juvet Kantanen, Kaja Tømmervik and Millie Maltau participate. We wish them the best of luck and hope many will cheer!

Invitation from Alna Equestrian Center:
«Riding schools' riding schools in Oslo» are invited to RIDESKOLECUP in dressage Sunday 26.may 2019 at 09 - 15. Dressage program LC: 1 20 × 40 m course in hall at 20 × 60 m. Heating at 20 × 20 in the hall.

There is no requirement for a green card. Starting fee NOK 100, - The starting fee is paid by card, in the secretariat (found in the riding hall). The entry fee must be paid before the start of the event at. 10.00.
The class is open to riders aged 10 to 16 years (born between 2003 and 2009) who are students at a riding school in Oslo.

The riding school sends a total registration to Lene Kragh,, within 18.5.
The riding schools write the necessary information about their riders (height, weight and what type of horse they fit), see attached form. Each riding school can register up to 4 riders. If there is a large attendance, the number can be reduced to 3 riders from each riding school. This will be notified after the registration deadline. Maximum 32 starting locations are available.

Scoring: The top 10 places in each event receive points. First place is 10 points, second place 9 points, third place 8 points, fourth place 7 points, etc. After 10. space there will be zero points. Prizes to the placed and participant loops to the others.
Prize ceremony after class.

The cafe will be open. Dogs must be on a leash. The area is non-smoking. Parking, see enclosed map.
Contact person for the conference is Lene Kragh tel. 91865337, email


Start time Rytter Horse Riding school
10:00 Allegra Nyseth Rejoice Alna
10:08 Ida Sofie Hambro Dybsand Amarant Southern Nordstrand
10:16 Millie Maltau Kathinka ECT
10:24 Eva Grehov Nora Alna
10:32 Frida Eline Fugland Olsen Rejoice Southern Nordstrand
10:40 Ann-Aase Erlandsson Amarant Stovner
10:48 Meri Alnæs Kathinka Alna
10:56 Astrid Selmer Friis Nora Stovner
11:04 Oda Haugrønningen Normann Prince Tor ECT
11:12 Adele Bang-Johansen Mikki Southern Nordstrand
11:20 Isra Athir Rotary Alna
11:28 Alva Kråkenes Merlin Stovner
11:36 Silje Olsen Prince Tor Stovner
11:44 Elina Juvet Kantanen Mikki ECT
11:52 Hanne Holmeide Rotary ECT
School horse class Ekeberg Riding Club, jumping event 25. May 2019

Jumping on the view 25. May 2019 under the auspices of Ekeberg Riding Club

If it should happen that a horse is lame or for some reason unable to jump, it must be swapped by a horse. The horses that have now been set up can thus be changed.

Random participants

Tuva Morning Trails / Bronita
Elina Juvet Kantanen / Runa
Thelma Engene Göranson / Kaja
Nicoline Bonde / Bronita
Natalia O. Represa / Runa
Kaja Tømmervik / Silver
Hanna Holmeide / Montana
Hanna Norvik Knop / Kaja
Erle Brager / Wizard
Charlotte Johansen / Angelina
Ingrid Karlson / Wizard
Oda Normann / Montana

8.30: Attend in the stable at EKT to prepare the horse, equipment and box for the horse.
Kr. 150, - payable to Inga at attendance
9.30: Common track construction and jumping track visit
10.30: The horses rice off to the track

Place: The dirt track at the View
Class: is 60 cm.
Start Continents Gent: kr 100 for the riding club
Horse rental for EKT: kr 150
Equipment: White riding trousers and riding jacket if you have. Otherwise, take a clean riding trousers and a tight-fitting sweater to make it easy to see your seat. Approved safety helmet and safety vest. Security vests are mandatory at conferences, if you do not have your own, you must arrange so that you can borrow from someone else. Gloves on the hands.

If you want to use a short jump whip, talk to Vivian about this before leaving the stable. Spores are not allowed.

Ekeberg Equestrian Club organizes and invites to this event. Ekeberg Equestrian Club is not the same as EKT Equestrian School, so you must be a member of the Equestrian Club in order to attend their rallies. Some of you are members already, those who are not members must join the club. You can do that on the actual event day. It costs NOK 300 a year to be a member of the riding club. Then you can take part in events that the equestrian club organizes and you get the horse equestrian magazine in the mail. Ekeberg Equestrian Club wants to collaborate more with the riding school and they are already planning a dressage and jumping event in September to which the riding school is invited.

Knegg from Lene Halvorsen and Vivian Pedersen Nilsen

Equestrian Cup 11.februar 2018, Søndre Nordstrand Equestrian Club

11.februar 2018 was the test event in Oslo Equestrian Cup in Søndre Nordstrand Equestrian Club. Six riding schools participated, and today's winner was Sofie from Ekeberg on Emil (Corlando). The rest of the results list can be found here:…

Riding schools ranking:
EKT Riding School: 12 points
Søndre Nordstrand Riding School: 11 points
Stovner Riding School: 11 points
Tanum Ridingkole avd Stubberud: 9 points
Alna Equestrian Center: 7 points
Nortvedt Riding School: 7 points

Congratulations to all the winners!

Riding school cup 28.October 2018, Søndre Aas farm

Sunday 28.October 2018 went 3. round of the riding school cup in Oslo by the stack at Søndre Aas farm.

Six riding schools participated and from ECT asked Erle Brager Stene, Hanna Knoph, Emilie Vatle and Thelma Engene Göranson. The class they rode was 60 cm wrong and style and all four red super rounds, there were even two placements with Erle on 2. passport and Hanna on 5. place.

The goal of the riding school cup is to give the riding school riders an opportunity and an introduction to starting rallies outside their own riding school. It is also a great way to get to know each other's riding schools.

A big thank you to Søndre Aas farm for a great event with super atmosphere and fine horses. We are already looking forward to the next round.

Riding school cup 15.april 2018, Upper Fossum Farm / Stovner Equestrian Center

EKT posed with four representatives in the riding school cup the 15.04.2018. It was Øvre Fossum Farm / Stovner Equestrian Center who arranged a convention in dressage. Here we see a picture of four gentle girls from EKT; Kaja Tømmervik, Kaja Gausdal, Kristine Falnes Olsen and Ingrid Karlson.