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Security and responsibility

We encourage everyone to read through the points below.

Safety while riding

  • Riding helmet of approved brand is required.
  • Safety vest is not mandatory in dressage riding at EKT.
  • Beginners and insecure riders can use neck ring as support as well as bridle.
  • The beginner courses will have lessons on the stable for the first 1 – 2 hours in handling horses and equipment before riding lessons begin.
  • If needed, the student may have a person hire the horse during the riding lesson.
  • Follow the riding instructor and the stable staff's instructions for guiding the horse in and out of the riding track.
  • Keys and cell phones must not be worn on the body while riding.
  • Keep the prescribed distance (minimum one horse length) to the horse in front of you and to the side.
  • The horse should always be rented on the renter's right side.

Security on site

  • Riding houses and stables have large and wide hallways, doors and water ports for safe travel.
  • Light and functional riding house with high sloping walls towards the track.
  • The ride bottom is that high quality; Walber bottom - silicate sand mixed with felt and fiber.
  • Carpets with blanket and first aid equipment are located just inside the double door into the riding house.
  • The stables staff carry cordless phones with quick access to remote assistance.
  • Easily accessible wardrobe with benches.
  • Private room in 2. etc. is specially furnished as a rest room.
  • The stables staff are trained in first aid.


  • All riding and handling of animals is at your own risk.
  • There is a binding registration for all regular courses.
  • Lost riding lessons cannot be reimbursed, taken back or transferred to a new semester.
  • The riding school is not responsible for injuries that students and visitors have to incur or accidents that happen within the riding school's teaching area. That is, all riding carried out by EKT on EKT's horses, be it indoors or outdoors in Ekebergparken.
  • The riding school is not responsible for the pupils' money, personal effects or valuables.
  • EKT Rideskole has liability insurance for its activities through IF Skadeforsikring. It is up to the individual student to take out private accident insurance.