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Sit training in the lungs

Unique one-on-one instruction for riders of 8 years, from beginner level. This is an effective and intensive way to get trained balance and corrected the sitting attitude of the horse (seat). You must first be able to balance the horse before you can start riding more advanced.

Sitting with the seat at the deepest point in the saddle and having the correct pelvic position will automatically lead to a starting position that will train the rider's balance effectively. The slightest misalignment of the pelvis and disturbance of the horse's balance give the body tensions which in turn disturb the rider's balance.

At 15.30, 15.50 and 16.10 Duration 20 min / 15 min riding.
Attendance 10 min. before riding time for payment and registration. Take a receipt for a call in the riding hall.
Instructor Sissel Thorson Falch
Price $ 10, -

Read more about our experienced riding instructor and Mensendieck physiotherapist Sissel T Falch

Registration via E-mail or call us at 22199786 (Mon-Fri)

Before enrollment, we ask all parents to read limitation of liability