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Opening hours

The zoo is now open every weekend and holidays from 11am to 15pm!

Entrance every full hour, at 11, 12, 13 and 14. Pools of max 50 pcs.

We are required to follow these restrictions as part of the national anti-Coronas infection control measure.

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Pet park

Open at 11-15 all weekends and holidays.

Closed May 17.

The zoo has reduced opening hours and offers due to infection control rules.

Opening hours and offers during the summer holidays

Open throughout the summer holidays.
Special offers for small groups will be available on an ongoing basis. These experiences will ensure that the applicable infection control measures are adhered to, while allowing you as a customer to have a unique close contact with animals under safe conditions.

round Riding

Unfortunately, lap riding has been suspended for the time being.
We start the roundabout as soon as the rules of infection allow.

Easy Lessons

Our one-hour weekends will be available continuously.
As infection control measures allow and we have the opportunity. Stay tuned here.

Riding School

The riding school's course runs from Mon-Fri and follows the school holidays and holidays.
The courses run as usual during the fall and winter holidays.

The riding school's offer opens continuously, follow here.

NB: The riding school must follow the applicable infection control rules due to the Coronavirus. Follow the on-site instructions and information provided. Own student entrance towards Søylehuset / Ekeberghallen.