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Opening hours

We stay open all days throughout the year. All the pets are in place throughout the season.

Pet park

Open at 10-17 all days, 1.mars - 31.October.

Open at 10-17 every day, 1.November-28.February.

The zoo is open on weekends, all holidays and holidays.

Christmas opening hours and offers

Christmas Eve Dec. 24: Open 10 am-16pm
New Year's Eve 31st: Open 10 am-16pm

round Riding

Round trip from 10-17
Sat, Sun and Holidays from 1.mars-31.October.
Sat 10-16 Sat, Sun and Holidays from 1.November-28.februar

Round trip from 10-15
Mon-Fri all year.

During the summer holidays (school holidays week 26-33) the round trip goes to 16.30 every day.

Riding School

The riding school's course runs from Mon-Fri and follows the school holidays and holidays.
NB: The courses run as usual during the fall and winter holidays.

Stalls are open from 2pm to 2pm on weekdays and to 2pm on weekends.

The riding school's area is open to students who come to their riding lessons.
Own student entrance towards Søylehuset / Ekeberghallen.