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Many people are experiencing challenging and challenging times now. Infection protection measures to curb the Corona virus also affect ECT. This means that all riding equipment and the stables are still closed for the time being.

EKT Riding School regrets the situation for all regular course students who now have a stay of an uncertain number of course hours.

We hope this involuntary stay will last as soon as possible. New message will come right over the Easter holidays.

Do you want to volunteer at EKT?

The current guidelines from the authorities lead to a critical financial situation for EKT. Ongoing running costs must be covered despite a stop in all revenues after March 12, 2020. We have manned as far as possible, but at all times provide the feeding, cleaning and exercise of 38 horses and other animals in the Animal Park. In total we have about 100 animals. The horses get care and exercise with the help of volunteer labor in rotation schemes. In this way we ensure that as few people as possible stay in the stable at the same time. In this way, we hope to keep our heads above water so that we can resume normal operations as soon as we are allowed to do so.

We ask that you understand that unfortunately, already sold riding courses (also applies to riding physiotherapy) can not be compensated or refunded. Some are late with their payment, and we ask that this be done as soon as possible. We thank you for the payments that have come in the last few days.

EKT Riding School will try to support all our students with self-training programs, instructional videos and updates from the stable on social media to shorten the time until we are back on track. Stay tuned on Facebook, Instagram and here on the website.

Here are helpful exercises for self-training for riders:

Sincerely, EKT Riding School and Zoo

EKT's infection prevention measures